Gov Waffles at His First Town Hall


How do we fund public worker pensions?

“This is a big one,” Murphy told Barbara.

“We have to do what we’ve committed to do on our side and that is to getting as fast as we can to fully funding our obligation,” he said. “Bear with us, this won’t be overnight. But we will get there.”

Raises for NJ Transit employees?

1. For all the criticism he’s thrown at the agency on the campaign trail and then again as governor, Murphy told Betty “it must be said” that the agency has thousands of excellent workers who, he said, shouldn’t get grouped in with the agency’s troubled leadership.

2. “You need to be treated fairly,” Murphy said, suggesting they could get annual increase while not exactly committing to raises for NJ Transit workers. But, he added: “Help is on the way.”


Gov Goes After Guns


“I am incredibly confident we’re going to move the needle meaningfully working together on this,” Murphy told a panel that included several local officials and representatives of gun safety organizations.

Including bills on:

  • Ammunition limits
  • .50-caliber weapons
  • Concealed carry permits
  • Armor-piercing bullets
  • Background checks

Bloodshed: PM Fires GOP Director of the State Business Action Center


Monmouth County Freeholder Gerry Scharfenberger lost his job today as Director of the state Business Action Center, three days after the Republican refused to attend Gov. Phil Murphy’s press conference supporting a federal property tax deduction.

Scharfenberger had survived the first four weeks of Murphy’s administration, but sources familiar with the situation say that his termination today was a result of his refusal to endorse Murphy’s plan. Sources also suggest that key Monmouth County Democrats had pushed for Scharfenberger to be fired.

PM Convenes Commission to Recommend Sentencing Reforms


East Orange – Governor Phil Murphy today announced that he is convening the Criminal Sentencing and Disposition Commission, created by the Legislature, to examine racial and ethnic disparities in the state’s criminal justice system.
“New Jersey has the nation’s worst disparity in the rates of incarceration between black and white offenders,” Governor Murphy said. “We can and must do better. A Criminal Sentencing and Disposition Commission can undertake the important review of our sentencing laws and recommend reforms necessary to ensure a stronger, fairer, and more just state.”
The Commission will issue a report to Governor Murphy and the Legislature within one year of its first meeting.

Murphy Forces ISPs into Net Neutrality


“We may not agree with everything we see online, but that does not give us a justifiable reason to block the free, uninterrupted, and indiscriminate flow of information,” Governor Murphy said. “And, it certainly doesn’t give certain companies or individuals a right to pay their way to the front of the line. While New Jersey cannot unilaterally regulate net neutrality back into law or cement it as a state regulation, we can exercise our power as a consumer to make our preferences known.”

No Fracking Way in the Delaware Basin


“Fracking should not have a role in the energy future of New Jersey,” Governor Murphy said. “We must continue to protect our residents from the risk of contaminated water and protect our environment from the harmful effects of fossil fuel extraction. We will continue to move toward a clean energy economy that takes the best interests of our environment and our residents into account.”

“New Jersey will work closely with the DRBC as it continues its rulemaking process,” Governor Murphy said. “Moving forward, you can trust that New Jersey’s representative to the DRBC will consider all available information on this topic and act with a commitment to protecting our environment, natural resources, and the health of our citizens.”

Governor Murphy remains committed to growing clean energy in New Jersey. On Wednesday, he signed an Executive Order creating an Offshore Wind Strategic Plan aimed at increasing New Jersey’s offshore wind energy generation.