Backtracking on Pensions


Another promise broken.



$15 Minimum Wage and the “dark days for union labor in New Jersey are over”


And, they are the principles that I am honored to stand for today back home in New Jersey.

They are the reason I signed into law the nation’s toughest equal pay law, and signed another law that made us just the 10th state to offer every worker the peace of mind of guaranteed paid sick leave.

They are the reason why I continue to fight for a livable minimum wage of $15 an hour.

They are the reason why I will continue to fight for tax fairness.

And, they are the reason why I will always respect the rights of labor to organize, to advocate, and to help us move our state forward.

The dark days for union labor in New Jersey are over. The dawn has arrived. Together, let’s grab hold of the promise of this new day and ensure a brighter future for every New Jerseyan, and every American.

Murphy Stacks the Deck for NJEA


Oh, and to cut the time for the last two tests by 25 percent, reduce the weight of the exams in teacher evaluations . . . and lower high-school graduation requirements.

Officially, he wants the state to transition to a new testing system — one that’s less “high stakes and high stress.” It’s a safe bet that the future won’t hold anything like the PARCC exams, which are written by a multi-state consortium. Instead, they’ll be Jersey-only tests — far easier to water down into meaninglessness.

The sickest thing about this: A couple of years down the line, Murphy will be boasting about improved high-school graduation rates — without mentioning the fact that his “reforms” have made many of those diplomas worthless.