More Taxes Promised


“You’d like heck not to (raise taxes again),” Murphy said. “You don’t want them to think — and I don’t blame them — and more importantly you don’t want the 9 million residents to think this is the first chapter in what’s going to be an ‘oh boy here we go again’,” he said.


Gov Bans Offshore Oil and Gas


Governor Phil Murphy today signed an Executive Order directing the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), with support from other state agencies, to develop guidance on how all state departments can incorporate environmental justice considerations into their actions. Environmental justice touches a wide variety of issues related to quality of life, including housing, health, and transportation.

Prelude to gentrification?

Mulshine: Gov Plays the Race Card


As part of his effort to get a new funding school-formula, Sweeney is holding up confirmation on Murphy’s nominees to head the departments of Education and Higher Education.

That’s just politics. But in a classic rookie mistake, Murphy played the race card, stating that “we have two African-American Ph.D.s on our nominated Cabinet” and going on to state “There’s no reason not to confirm them.”

When asked by reporters about that comment, Sweeney replied, “I can’t possibly in my wildest dreams believe he said that.”